August concerts in the Carmen Cultural Centre: David Bisbal, Ara Malikian, Pablo López

Between the 10th and 24th of August, a series of concerts will take place, in the inner courtyard of the Carmen Cultural Centre of Valencia, featuring performers such as: David Bisbal, Ara Malikian, Pablo López, Miguel Poveda, Dorian, Sofia Ellar and Los Secretos.

There will be 11 concerts in total, taking place between the 10th and 24th of August, at 21:30.

These concerts represent the first edition of the “Nits al Carme” series, an initiative in which artists of national and international renown, belonging to various musical genres perform concerts in an intimate and unique setting.

Tickets will be available beginning Tuesday the 7th of July, starting at 12:00, online from:

The venue’s capacity is limited, access is done by following the sanitary protection regulations.

The location has ambient music and bar services to go along with every show.

“Centre del Carmen”, also known as the Carmen Cultural Centre, is a historic and cultural landmark in the old El Carmen district of the city of Valencia.

“Nits al Carme” 2020 concert schedule

Ara Malikian, the Spanish violinist of Armenian-Lebanese origin, that has gained international renown for his modern approach of interpreting music which ranges from classical to rock, will perform two shows accompanied by a piano, on the 18th and 19th of August.

Dorian, the Spanish band known for its sound, a mix of new wave, electronic music and indie rock, will be performing on the 20th of August.

Anglo-Spanish singer and songwriter Sofia Ellar will also perform two shows, on the 21st and 22nd of August and a third together with Los Secretos on the 24th of August.

The full schedule of the concerts is as follows:

IZAL – Monday, the 10th of August and Tuesday, the 11th of August.

Pablo López – Wednesday, the 12th of August.

David Bisbal – Thursday, the 13th of August.

Miguel Poveda – Sunday, the 16th of August.

Ara Malikian – Tuesday, the 18th of August and Wednesday, the 19th of August.

Dorian – Thursday, the 20th of August.

Sofia Ellar – Friday, the 21st of August and Saturday, the 22nd of August.

Los Secretos – Monday, the 24th of August.

How to reach the Carmen Cultural Centre

Address: Calle Museo 2, 46003, Valencia, near the Serranos Towers.

By EMT public transport busses: 94, 5, 19, 27, 98, 79, 80. You can find more information on the EMT company’s website, here.

By Valenbisi, here. The closest station is no.2, Calle Salvador Giner C. Museo

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Photo source: the show’s poster

Joaquin Sorolla exhibitions in Valencia, July-August 2020

Between July and August 2020, Valencia is hosting two Joaquin Sorolla exhibitions, in the following locations:

Bancaja Foundation

The Bancaja Foundation is hosting a new Joaquin Sorolla exhibition, after its previous cancellation on the 14th of March, due to the coronavirus crisis.

The announcement was made by the art centre in Valencia, which will include works from the Sorolla Museum in Madrid and from the Bancaja Foundation’s own collection.

“Hunt for new impressions”, which has so far been displayed in the Bilbao Fine Arts Museum, will bring over 200 works of small, medium and large-format of the renowned Valencian artist, to Valencia. It is one of the painter’s most intimate phases.

Visiting schedule

The exhibition can be visited:

– Tuesday to Sunday: 10:00 – 14:00 and 16:30 – 20:30.

– Monday: 10:00 – 14:00.


– General Access: 4 euro

– Reduced price: 2 euro (retired, unemployed, disabled, students between 13 and 26 years old)

– Free Access: Tuesday from 14:30 to 20:30 and for children up to 12 years old.

– Guided tours are not available.


– Bancaja Cultural Centre, Plaza de Tetuán, 23, Valencia.

More information on the centre’s website.

Museo de Bellas Artes

The Museo de Bellas Artes (Museum of Fine Arts) of Valencia is hosting an exhibition dedicated to Joaquin Sorolla and his contemporaries: Pinazo, José and Mariano Benlliure, Muñoz Degraín, Antonio Fillol or Cecilio Plà.

The concept of this exhibition is without precedent, as it has never before united what are known as the sorollistas, the school of followers of his style, and the postsorollistas, the artist’s last followers, under the same banner.

The exhibition is open until the 30th of August 2020.

Visiting schedule

– Tuesday to Sunday: 10:00 – 20:00.


– Access is completely free.


Museo de Bellas Artes of Valencia: Calle San Pío V, 9.

More information can be found on the museum’s website.

Museo de Bellas Artes Valencia offers free visits every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday during the summer months.

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Photo Source: Museo de Bellas Artes.

Oceanogràfic Valencia is reopening to the public beginning with the 1st of July

Oceanogràfic Valencia is reopening to the public beginning with the 1st of July, with a special promotion for adult tickets.

Promotion conditions

– Applicable only to adults.

– Available between the 1st and 10th of July.

– Tickets must be acquired online, at least 48 hours before visit.

– Reduced price of ticket: 23.3 euro.

– The offer has a limit of 2000 tickets per day.

– Oceanogràfic’s schedule will be: 10:00 – 20:00.

– Tickets can be directly acquired here:

The Oceanogràfic is situated in the City of Arts and Sciences of Valencia, Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias.

How to get here 

Find out hot to get there, by clicking here.

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Free opera shows in various localities of the Valencian Community

From the end of June to the beginning of October 2020, in various localities of the Valencian Community, free opera shows will take place. They are part of the 4th edition of “Les Arts Volants” (The Flying Arts) project.

The “Les Arts Volants” project belongs to the Palau de las Artes, The Palace of the Arts of Valencia, and its aim is to bring opera closer to districts and localities.

The name of the project comes from its unique way of presenting the show. The “Les Arts Volants” company, which presents the show, has a large truck which will transform into a stage in the cities where the shows will take place. On it, artists of the Centre of Professional Development of the Palace of the Arts (Palau de las Artes) will perform the comedy-opera “El tutor burlat“, by valencian composer Martin i Soler, live.

Over the course of the 21 shows, the truck will visit cities like Altea and Villafranca del Cid, in the Alicante and Castellón regions, but also districts in the city of Valencia.

Touring schedule

In 2020, the tour will begin in La Barraca d’Aigües Vives (27th of June) city, followed by Sagunto (28th of June), Villafranca del Cid (1st of July), Potries (2nd of July), Godella (4th of July), Alcublas (5th of July), Casinos (8th of July), Palau de les Arts (10th and 11th of July), La Pobla del Duc (15th of July), Benirredrà (16th of July), Ayora (18th of July), Corbera (19th of July), Gandia (21st of July), Altea (22nd of July), Atzeneta d’Albaida (24th of July) and Buñol (25th of July).

After the August break, the “Les Arts Volant” team will resume the tour, concentrating on districts of Valencia city: Benicalap (25th of September), Sant Marcellí (26th of September), Central Park (27th of September), Malvarrosa (2nd of October), Patraix (3rd of October) and Ayora (4th of October).

The play

The play is set in a rural background, and its themes include the critique of rigid social norms of the middle 18th century, the defence of freedom and love above commodity and the status quo, and the social status of women in the years before the French revolution.

Director Jaume Policarpo put together the show, his design inspired by romantic postcards of the 19th century, in pastel colours.

The cast of “El tutor burlat” is comprised of artists from the Centre of Professional Development: Aida Gimeno (Violante), Vittoriana De Amicis (Dona Menica), Oleh Lebedyev (Fabrizio) and Omar Lara (Pippo), together with valencian singers David Ferri (Don Lelio) and Gonzalo Manglano (Anselmo). Carlos Sanchis will be performing on the piano across all the shows.

Jesús Iglesias Noriega, the Palace of the Arts’ director mentioned in a press conference which was meant as a presentation of the project, that “Les Arts Volant” comes “after a period of digital consumerism, in which citizens must be reminded about the experience of live art”. We mustn’t just think about the ones that can come to the Palace of the Arts, he added, but also to those that, due to distance or circumstance, cannot do so. “Les Arts Volant” is the most powerful instrument to make lyricism known without any sort of limitations.


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Spain brings forward reopening of borders with EU states to the 21st of June

Spain will reopen its borders with Schengen Area European countries on the 21st of June.

The exception being its border with Portugal, which is delayed until the 1st of July.

Mandatory quarantine will also be lifted starting the 21st of June, for travelers coming into Spain.

The reopening of borders coincides with the State of Alarm also ending on the 21st of June. This date also marks the disappearance of travel limitations over the whole of Spain’s territory.

The prime minister justified his decision by citing the favorable evolution of the pandemic, despite the fact that the Spanish government declared its intent to keep the borders closed until the first day of July.

The borders opening in advance is going to join the pilot project, starting today, Monday, in the Balearic Islands. Here are expected to arrive 11000 german tourists.

Pedro Sánchez affirmed that the decision was made “with the European Forum’s permission and taking into consideration the positive evolution of the pandemic in Spain”.

The prime minister also informed that the delay of the Portugal border opening was made at the behest of the Portuguese government. A manifestation will take place on the 1st of July, with the occasion of the border reopening. Will be present the Spain prime minister, His Majesty The King and the Portugal prime minister.

Restrictions on third EU countries will be lifted beginning with the 1st of July, depending on the epidemiologic situation and reciprocity”, added the prime minister.

He added that “a list is still being waited on, to be made by the European Commission, in relation with the restrictions on third countries and their transit on the European continent”, taking into consideration the good evolution of the pandemic on the European continent and its evolution in Russia and the USA.

Sources: La, RTVE

Beginning with June 22, the Valencian government offers grants for purchasing of bicycles and scooters

Beginning with the 15th of June, Valencian Community shops that sell bicycles, scooters, electric personal mobility devices and electric conversion kits for bicycles can join the grant campaign initiated by the Valencian Community government.

Grant conditions

Grants will be up to 250 euro for electric bicycles (the value of which cannot surpass 1400 euro), 75 euro for non-electric ones (up to a maximum value of 500 euro) and 75 euro for electric scooters (the value of which cannot surpass 450 euro).

The grant will also be given for installing electric conversion kits (up to 200 euro for kits that have a maximum price of 600 euro) or for acquiring bicycles with child seats (up to 150 euro for bicycles that have a max price of 700 euro).

When can the grants be solicited

The grant will be available starting Monday, the 22nd of June.

Conditions for grant beneficiaries

Persons interested in accessing these grants need only be a resident of the Valencian Community. That is the only necessary condition.

After choosing the desired company and vehicle from the Ministry of Territorial Policy, Public Works and Mobility’s (Conselleria de Movilidad) site, the applicant must fill out a form directly in the shop.

As soon as the request is aproved, the buyer receives the grant at the moment of purchase.

Conditions for the companies participating in the campaign

Monday, the 15th of June, is set to be the date when the membership procedure will be made public. The Ministry will make public a list of companies that are going to participate in the campaign on its site. Interested companies can join through an application developed by the authorities.

No deadline has been set on joining the campaign, merchants are free to join at any time.

The condition they must fulfil is that they have their offices in the Valencian Community.

Information about the grant campaign of  Valencian government

Investments made by the authorities in this campaign go up to 500000 euro.

According to a representative of the authorities “these grants have a double purpose: to promote the use of engineless vehicles, for a more durable mobility, and to support and help businesses in the Valencian Community”.

The procedures for these grants will be applied and managed by the Bicycle Office, a newly created department under the Public Works division of the Ministry of Public Administration.

The Office will concentrate the various initiatives and lines of work to promote the use of bicycles and personal mobility vehicles.

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Source: Las Provincias

Photo taken from:

In 2020, the Valencian Community is no. 1 in the top of Blue Flag beaches across Spain

In 2020, the Valencian Community is the leader of Blue Flag beaches, in terms of numbers, in Spain.

It has earned 148 Blue Flags, awarded to 134 beaches and 14 ports.

Alicante, with its 86 Blue Flag locations, leads statewide and regionally. Castellón own 31 and Valencia 30. In the citywide rankings Orihuela, Alicante province, is sitting at no. 1 with 11 locations awarded with the Blue Flag, followed by Valencia with 7 and Benicàssim, in Castellón, with 5.

The 148 Blue Flags “guarantee the touristic quality of the Valencian’s Community’s coast” and make of it a destination that is safe, secure to the environment, as well as ensuring the quality of the community’s coast.

The Blue Flags beaches of the Valencian’s Community’s in 2020

To follow, the 134 Blue Flag beaches of the Valencian Community in 2020:

What is a Blue Flag

The Blue Flag is a certification awarded by the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE), which offers tourists the safety that in the places marked by it, the water and sand are clean, and there are sufficient lifeguards prepared to respond in an emergency. At the same time the Blue Flag is considered a symbol of environmental protection of the highest degree.

To receive this award beaches must fulfil a series of criteria.

In light of the current health crisis, representatives of the tourism authority in the Valencian Community have expressed their concern towards increasing water quality checks, as well as raising the number of control checkpoints and respecting the safety regulations, in order for the beaches to maintain their guarantee regarding the quality of water, sand and services provided.

Spain – the country with the most Blue Flag beaches

In 2020, Spain will have 589 Blue Flag beaches, 23 more than last year. In total, Spain has 688 locations awarded with this certificate, including ports.

Worldwide, Spain continues to be the country with the most Blue Flag beaches, followed by Greece, Turkey and France.

* * *

Source: Las Provincias,

Photo provided from personal archive.

The Palace of the Arts in Valencia will host concerts with tickets at just 5 euro!

In June and July, the Palace of the Arts in Valencia will host concerts and musical recitations with tickets at just 5 euro!

During these months, the Valencian Community Orchestra, Choir and artists of the “Centre of professional development” belonging to the Palace of the Arts will perform various music sessions.

The schedule

Monday, the 8th of June, at 10:00, tickets will be put on sale for the “Torna a les Arts” cycle of concerts and recitations, which marks the beginning of the centre resuming its activity since its shutdown due to the quarantine period.

Concerts will be one hour long, without breaks, and will take place every Thursday, Friday and Saturday, between the 13th of June and the 11th of July.

Friday, the 12th of June, the Main Hall will host a concert dedicated to the sanitary personnel.

Starting with Saturday, the 13th of June, 10 music sessions will be held in the same hall, by the Valencian Community Orchestra and Choir as well as artists of the “Centre of professional development”.

Because of the Palace of the Arts’ initiative to promote lyrical and classical music to younger audiences, Friday sessions will be reserved exclusively to people under 29 years old.

The Valencian Community Orchestra will offer 3 different shows over the course of this cycle: one for string instruments, featuring Mozart, Dvořák, Barber and Tchaikovsky, another dedicated to wind instruments, featuring Donizetti, Gounod and Beethoven and a third dedicated to both string and wind instruments, featuring interpretations of Cimarosa, Mozart and Haydn.

The Valencian Community Choir will have a single show, on the 2nd of July. The show will feature works by Victoria, Palestrina, Guererro, Bach, Elgar, Bruckner, Poulenc and Fauré, and will be joined by pianist Francisco Hervás.

Singers of the “Centre of professional development”, joined by pianists José Miguel Román and Stanislav Angelov, will perform various shows including arias, romantic opera and zarzuela.

The schedule can be checked here.

The tickets

Tickets can only be acquired on the Palace’s website, here, and by calling the following number: +34.902.202.383. The phone number will be available Monday through Friday between 10:00 to 14:30.

There is a minimum purchase of at least 2 tickets.

Individual tickets can only be solicited by calling the phone number.

Sanitary protection measures

In accordance with sanitary protocols, adopted due to the coronavirus outbreak, access and capacity will be modified to fit current regulations. Social distancing will be ensured between the audience as well as the performers.

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The Alfafar MN4 cinemas are offering tickets at just 1 euro/person!

Starting Wednesday, the 10th of June, until Thursday, the 18th of June 2020, the Alfafar MN4 cinemas are offering tickets at just 1 euro/person!

The movie schedule can be found here:

This offer cannot be combined with other offers, and MN4 reserves the right to cancel or modify the offer.

Access in each hall will be done respecting the hygiene and sanitary protection regulations.

Info sourse:

Article foto belongs to Alfafar MN4 cinemas.

Tuesday, the 9th of June, the museums Lonja de la Seda, Torres de Serranos and Torres de Quart reopen to the public

Tuesday, the 9th of June, the museums Lonja de la Seda (The Silk Exchange), Torres de Serranos (Serranos Towers) and Torres de Quart (Quart Towers) reopen to the public.

There is no entry fee to the museums mentioned above, it will remain so until payment via the internet is implemented.


Currently the schedule will coincide with the rest of the municipal museums in Valencia, as such it will be open the following days:

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday: 10:00 – 14:00.

Friday and Saturday: 10:00 – 14:00 & 15:00 – 19:00.

Sunday: 10:00 – 14:00.

Mondays will be closed.

Tours can be done as an individual or in a group of up to 16 people.

Visiting conditions

Visitors must take heed of certain conditions and respect certain rules in order to access the museums.

Wearing a face mask is mandatory during the whole tour. The minimum safe distance of at least 2 meters must also always be maintained at all times.

For interior access it is also mandatory to use the hydroalcoholic gels that are available at the entrance.

Special visiting corridors have been set up and the instructions of the museum personnel must always be followed.

The limitations put upon the centres and visiting hours are due to the increase in staff, which monitors each centre to ensure that proper hygiene and social distancing regulations are being kept, in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Other museums reopened

Since the 21st of May 2020, 8 other museums in the municipal chain have been reopened: Benlliure House-Museum, Vicente Blasco Ibáñez House-Museum, La Almoina Archaeological Museum, The Natural Science Museum of Valencia, The City Museum, The Rice Museum, Valencia History Museum and Cervelló Palace.

Online activities started after the closing of museums due to the State of alarm will continue. The #Museuacasa virtual initiative will be maintained via the Cultural Valencia website and municipal social networks. They continue to post daily news and activities happening online, at the suggestion of different centres.

Source of informations:

The photo of the article belongs to the author.

Cinemacar Alicante – The Valencian Community will be unveiling a drive-in cinema with the largest screen in Europe

Thursday, the 11th of June 2020, in the Rabasa district of Alicante city (Valencian Community), in front of Decathlon, Cinemacar will open its gates, the drive-in cinema with the largest screen in Europe.

What is a drive-in cinema?

It is an outdoor theater consisting of a large screen, projection booth and a wide parking area for automobiles. Within this enclosed area, customers can view movies from the privacy and comfort of their cars. The concept was born in America, New Jersey, in 1920.

Cinemacar Alicante offer

Cinemacar Alicante has a 500 square meter screen, strategically placed in terms of height and distance, allowing movies to be seen from any angle of the theater, from the car or the specially placed food stands. It is the largest screen in Europe.

The parking area has a size of 45000 square meters. It is completely paved, which reduces the possibility of suspended particulate matter and allows for daily disinfection.

Cinemacar also has a 3000 square meter area dedicated to housing pets at no additional cost.

The theater has a restaurant with a large terrace, in full view of the stage and screen, food stands, a garden, a space for viewing movies under the open sky, large fully equipped terraces, premium “boxes” for six persons and a stage for live shows.

Also, Cinemacar has the newest generation of sanitary equipment in accordance with safety and protection measures against covid-19. Automobiles will be disinfected, and the open space is equipped with disinfection arcs.

The Cinemacar project was designed with the intent of offering, in our current social security circumstances, a diverse entertainment option(music, movies, theater and restaurant) at the standards of quality and comfort, in a modern design.

Check out the schedule of the screenings on the Cinemacar website.

Others drive-in theaters in Valencian Community

Also in Alicante, on the 29th of May, AutoCine ElSur will be opening its gates. More information on the theaters’ website:

In Denia, Alicante, another drive-in theater is already operational, Autocine drive-in. They also screen movies in English. More information and schedule here.

Sources:, and the aforementioned websites.

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Valencia reopens air traffic routes with 18 countries starting July 1st

According to plans made public by airline companies, starting with the month of July, Manises Valencia airport will be reopening air traffic with 18 countries along 78 routes.

Beginning with the 1st of July, the Spanish government is lifting the mandatory quarantine for foreign passengers, although many airline companies will already be active by the end of June.

According to the municipal tourism office, Valencia will be reopening air travel with Europe and North Africa. In Europe, Valencia will begin the month of July with at least 53 connections in 43 cities and 18 countries, with 147 weekly flights. Before the pandemic there were 91 connections with 65 cities in 22 countries. Relative to these statistics, international connectivity has been reinstated in a ratio of 60%. In Spain, the month of July will begin with at least 25 routes in 12 airports.

Ryanair, the largest operator out of Manises, will be resuming almost all its activity, guaranteeing a large connectivity with Italy. Vueling will open in July with 9 routes, including Amsterdam, Paris and Rome, with more to follow in August.

On the other hand, Lufthansa has cancelled its Valencia connection. Similarly, nothing is known about the routes towards Granada, Almeria and Pamplona, which Air Nostrum had announced a few months before, as summer news. For July there is also no known info about flights to Moscow, Prague, Lisbon, Rotterdam, Bordeaux or Lyon.

Surprises come in the form of routes which were previously unavailable. Wizz Air will be supplying the connection between Valencia and Milano Malpensa, while Volotea will be flying Mallorca, Menorca and Bilbao, routes that they are just inaugurating. The Bilbao route will have 3 airlines operating it in July, as Vueling and Air Nostrum have also announced flights.

As far as traffic towards Spanish capitals, there will obviously be a considerable ammount of traffic towards the Balearic and Canary Islands, but there will also be connections to Sevilla, Santander or Madrid starting in July.

In any case, aerial planning for this summer is neither clear nor definitive. Plans for Valencia by airlines such as KLM-Air France, Transavia, British Airways(IAG), EasyJet or Turkish Airlines are still unknown.

These are the companies that link medium size towns, such as Valencia, to large international airports(hubs), such as Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Munich, Paris CDG or London Heathrow, where intercontinental flights towards America or Asia can be found.

The uncertainty of longer flights will, in all likelyhood, be cleared up as the situation of the pandemic progresses at different speeds in each region of the planet.

Sources: 20minutos, Las Provincias