Spain brings forward reopening of borders with EU states to the 21st of June

Spain will reopen its borders with Schengen Area European countries on the 21st of June.

The exception being its border with Portugal, which is delayed until the 1st of July.

Mandatory quarantine will also be lifted starting the 21st of June, for travelers coming into Spain.

The reopening of borders coincides with the State of Alarm also ending on the 21st of June. This date also marks the disappearance of travel limitations over the whole of Spain’s territory.

The prime minister justified his decision by citing the favorable evolution of the pandemic, despite the fact that the Spanish government declared its intent to keep the borders closed until the first day of July.

The borders opening in advance is going to join the pilot project, starting today, Monday, in the Balearic Islands. Here are expected to arrive 11000 german tourists.

Pedro Sánchez affirmed that the decision was made “with the European Forum’s permission and taking into consideration the positive evolution of the pandemic in Spain”.

The prime minister also informed that the delay of the Portugal border opening was made at the behest of the Portuguese government. A manifestation will take place on the 1st of July, with the occasion of the border reopening. Will be present the Spain prime minister, His Majesty The King and the Portugal prime minister.

Restrictions on third EU countries will be lifted beginning with the 1st of July, depending on the epidemiologic situation and reciprocity”, added the prime minister.

He added that “a list is still being waited on, to be made by the European Commission, in relation with the restrictions on third countries and their transit on the European continent”, taking into consideration the good evolution of the pandemic on the European continent and its evolution in Russia and the USA.

Sources: La, RTVE

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