Las Fallas 2020. Parking in Valencia during the festivities

The Local Council has come up with a set of rules for parking in Valencia during Las Fallas, aiming to better the living conditions of the city’s inhabitants, but also to streamline the traffic flow, especially in the city centre.

Rules for bicycle’s parking 

Between the 1st and 19th of March, parking in designated areas in Plaza del Ayuntamiento, with 2 hours before the mascletà and up to 30 minutes after, is forbidden.

The rule applies to personal bicycles, as well as for Valenbisi bicycles.

Valenbisi stations temporary closed

Forbidden locations for car’s parking 

Between February 29th, from 22:00 and March 20th, at 04:00, parking in Valencia will be forbidden in the following locations:

– Plaza del Ayuntamiento

– Av. Marqués de Sotelo

– Calle de Sant Pau

– Calle de Xàtiva (from El Paseo de Russafa to Plaza de Sant Agustí)

– Calle de Roger de Lloria (from Plaza del Ayuntamiento to Calle de Pascual i Genís)

– Calle de Correos

– Calle de Pérez Pujol

– Calle de las Barcas

– Calle del Pintor Sorolla

– Calle de la Barcelonina

– Calle del Poeta Querol (in the area formed by Calle de Minyana and Calle dels Ballesters, between Calle de las Barcas and Calle del Pintor Sorolla)

– Calle de la Sang

– Calle del Periodista Azzati

– Calle de Sant Vicent Màrtir (from Plaza de España to Plaza de la Reina)

– Av. de Maria Cristina and Plaza del Mercado

– Calle d’en Llop

– Calle de Cotanda

– Calle de Moratín (between Calle de Santa Eulàlia and Calle del Portal de Sant Jordi)

– Calle de Ribera

– Paseo de Russafa

Where to park for free in Valencia

Between the 11th of March at 09:00 and the 20th of March at 09:00, the parking tax service will be suspended in Blue Zone in all the districts of Valencia. Parking will be allowed free of charge, except for the areas mentioned above.

Areas designated for free parking in Valencia have been set up at all city entrances, in all cardinal points, as following:

– On Avenida de Aragón and Universitat Politècnica, for people coming from Barcelona and Castellón.

– On Hermanos Maristas and Antonio Ferrandis, for people coming from Alicante and Albacete.

– On Tres Forques, Tres Cruces and Campos Crespo, for people coming from Madrid.

– On Maestro Rodrigo, Avenida Burjassot, Menéndez Pidal and Tirso de Molina, for people coming from Camp de Turia, Maestro Rodrigo, Avenida Burjassot, Menéndez Pidal and Tirso de Molina.

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The complete programme of Las Fallas 2020 you can find it here.

* The article’s foto belongs and were taken from website, serviciul care reglementează și supraveghează parcarea în Valencia.

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