Las Fallas 2020. Bonofallas, special pass for public transport

Bonofallas is a special pass for the public means of transport, with unlimited rides, valid for 7 days. The Bonofallas card will be made available with the beginning of March.

The pass will be launched by the Metropolitan Transport Authority of Valencia as a means to facilitate the access to public transport, seeing as the city’s population doubles during the Las Fallas festival.

Information about Bonofallas

  • What is it? It’s a public transport pass, in the form of a card, with unlimited rides
  • Price: 7 euros
  • Validity: 7 days, in Semana Fallera (last week of Las Fallas)
  • It can be used for: Metro and tranvia (Metrovalencia)  – all areas, EMT buses and Metrobús (the buses that connect Valencia with the neighbouring cities)
  • It can NOT be used for: Regional trains and medium distance trains (cercanias)
  • Where and when it can be used: In Valencia, in Castellón during Magdalena festivities and in Alicante, during the Hogueras festivities
  • Where it can be purchased: The card can be purchased at tobacco shops (estancos), kiosks, metro stations and customer relations offices of EMT.

 The public transport schedule in Valencia during Las Fallas 2020

Metrovalencia will extend its program at the end of the week with 3 hours compared to the usual one, the EMT buses will be running during day time, and the night time buses will be running at night. Authorities will be announcing what routes will be modified and what lines will be supplemented.

During Las Fallas, the bus routes which pass through Plaza del Ayuntamiento will be diverted. More about this in a another article.

Find out how you can travel with the metro accross Valencia, here.

Find out how you can travel with the EMT buses accross Valencia, here.




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