Coronavirus situation. Transport measures. Renfe changes and refunds tickets with no additional costs

The minister of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, José Luis Ábalos, has announced in a press conference the measures taken due to the state of emergency in Spain.

They will be valid for the entire duration of this emergency state.

The adopted measures

Renfe tickets

– The ticket offer for medium, long distance, high speed, regional and Avant train rides will decrease with up to 85%.

Starting Wednesday, March 18th, at 00:00, all train tickets purchased for rides taking place during the state of alarm will be cancelled.

The price for the tickets will be 100% refunded to all passengers, regardless of the type of ticket.

For people that already purchased Renfe tickets, but will be cancelling their trips, starting Monday, March 16th, Renfe will be offering more specific information at this telephone number: 918.314.520.

For those who must travel, in spite of the recommendation to avoid circulation, Renfe will be selling tickets and assigning seats in accordance to the effective health norms regarding the recommended distance between each person. The introduction of Alvo, the new service offering high speed rides at low costs, has been postponed.

COmplete informations available here.

Interurban, maritime and aerial transport on national territory

The offer for interurban, maritime and aerial transport services is reduced by 50%. The companies offering these services must guarantee that the seats sold maintain the suitable distance between passengers.

Cercanías, the train service, will run at maximum capacity for the time being in all Spain.

Local authorities will receive instructions for establishing the decrease rate of the transportation services offer.

Transport between the Peninsula, mainland and islands

Will be regulated in the following days, based on the directions received.

International aerial transport

At the moment, in Spain, flights to and from Italy and Morocco are cancelled. For other international flights, the Ministry of Transport declared that Spain is awaiting regulations from the E.U.

International terestrian transport

At midnight, March 16th, Spain has closed its land borders.

On Spain’s territory, access will only be allowed to Spanish citizens, residents, those who work in Spain and those who need to be in Spain for a valid reason.

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